Infinity blade saga

Reign of the God King Edit

Decades had passed, and the God King had taken over the land. Humanity was little more than Deathless slaves at this point, yet they still managed a small resistance, in the form of a “Sacrifice”. Every generation, they would send one of their own into the depths of the God King’s castle, in hopes that he could kill the God King. Their first Sacrifice (known as the “Ancestor”), died at the hands of the God King. For hundreds of generations, the Sacrifice (descended from the same bloodline) would try to kill the God King.

Finally, a man by the name of Siris defeated the God King, using the Infinity Blade to kill its owner. Raidriar’s last words were “They’ll be coming for YOU now…”, implying that the Deathless would hunt Siris for the blade. After this, Siris examined the God King’s chambers, and he came across a holographic image of the world, showing the extensive damage done to it.

Shortly thereafter, while exploring the castle, Siris came across a pedestal where he placed the Infinity Blade. This unlocked three secret dungeons, each holding a cursed Deathless King. Siris managed to kill them all with the Infinity Blade, and upon clearing the third dungeon a massive door opened. Within this dungeon, Siris discovered seven, cloned, inanimate versions of the God King inside of liquid green cylinders. He had found the God King’s rebirth chamber.

Upon entry, a robot (Zero Mech) confronted Siris. Siris managed to take down the robot, and a person was revealed inside of it. This stranger was known as Archarin. Archarin was once a Sacrifice, but as he dueled the God King, he was offered the choice to serve the God King, and he accepted. Siris was infuriated at this story—it violated everything he fought for. Siris shouted, “You are a traitor! To our blood, our calling… OUR PEOPLE!” They dueled, and Siris bested Archarin. As Archarin died, he said that the God King would “claim what is rightfully his. And when he gets , he will be… unstoppable.” Siris responded with, “I’ll be waiting.”

The Vault of Tears Edit

Towards the end of Siris’ stay at the castle, he came across another human, Isa. She was a traveler, coming to the castle in search of the Infinity Blade. She attacked Siris, but he bested her. Siris spared Isa’s life, because she promised to lead Siris to the Vault of Tears. Siris had heard that the Worker of Secrets knew how to kill Deathless, and was a vigilante like himself. Little did he know that the Worker was his sworn enemy; he still had no recollection of his past life as Ausar.

Siris and Isa went to Saydhi, an information dealer. They needed the exact location of the Vault. Saydhi gave them the location (Saranthia, in the mountains to the north), but then attacked Siris. Siris killed her with the Infinity Blade. Behind the corpse of Saydhi was a pedestal, identical to the one that unlocked the God King’s rebirth chamber. Siris placed the Infinity Blade on the pedestal, and then it sank into the ground. Raidriar came out from behind Siris with the Infinity Blade, having successfully tricked Siris into giving him the blade. As Raidriar prepared to kill Siris, Isa shot Siris from a distance with her crossbow (under the possibility that Siris was Deathless, himself).

Siris was reborn in the nearest Rebirth chamber, and he was then able to confirm that he was Deathless. How, he did not know. Siris proceeded to Saranthia, where the Vault of Tears was hidden. The Vault was protected by a massive tower, with several passageways. Siris fought his way through dozens of Titans as he made his was to the top of the highest tower. There, he met the Deathless, Thane, who guarded the Vault. Siris bested Thane. In order to unlock the vault, he had to thrust his arm into the four seals throughout the tower. The first seal was where Siris bested Thane. Siris unlocked it, and slumped to the ground, temporarily dead. He awoke in the nearest Rebirth chamber.

It was then when he came to an alarming realization: “All those years, going to face the God King in his palace… each time, each bloodline, was me.”

Siris then went to the Tower three more times, unlocking the three more seals (each guarded by a Blood Sentinel) and dying three more times. He began to accumulate a hazy memory of his past life, but he could not put anything together.

After opening all four seals, Siris returned to the top of the tower. He was ready to free the Worker of Secrets, a warrior who could kill the Deathless. Siris placed his sword at the top of the tower, and the floor began to descend in an elevator-like fashion. Siris finds the worker sitting upon a stone throne. The Worker (realizing that Ausar did not remember anything) told Siris that he needed another Deathless to take his place. The Worker needed Raidriar.

Siris returned to Saydhi’s territory, where Raidriar was currently residing. After a long duel, Siris knocked Raidriar out, took the Infinity Blade, and carried Raidriarto the Vault of Tears.

Upon Siris’ arrival the Worker reveals that Siris was the one who trapped him in the Vault. He takes the Infinity Blade from Siris, ascends away from the Vault, effectively trapping Siris and Raidriar in the Vault for the rest of eternity. Both of the Worker’s greatest threats were removed, and his conquest of world domination would be easier then ever.

* * *

Infinity Blade выполнила основную задачу. Она показала, что iPhone вырос из памперсов игровой индустрии и перестал писаться по ночам сомнительными играми, которые выглядят как большие, но путаются в управлении, как дети в собственных ногах. Если все сложится как надо, то в обозримом будущем мы увидим массу отличных iPhone-игр с оригинальным управлением, которое не только не уступает контроллерам PSP и Nintendo DS, но и во многом превосходит их. Если же все пойдет наперекосяк… что ж, Angry Birds 2 — тоже неплохо.

Реиграбельность да

Классный сюжет нет

Оригинальность да

Легко освоить да

Оправданность ожиданий: 90%

Геймплей: 8

Графика: 9

Звук и музыка: 7

Интерфейс и управление: 9

Дождались? По-настоящему большая игра маленькой игровой платформы, в которой щелбан становится смертельно опасным оружием.

Рейтинг «Мании»: 8,0


Dialogue (IB2)

Between Siris and the Worker (in IB2)

First Encounter

  • Siris: «How did you… ?»
  • Worker: «I know a great many things about the Deathless, including how to destabilize their Quantum Identity Pattern, granting them a true Death.»
  • Siris: «You are him! The Worker of Secrets!»
  • Worker: «Ausar? Is that you? Have you at last come to release me, as you promised you would so many millennia ago?»
  • Siris: «I have little memory of who I was before. I’m not certain I wish any more than I have. I am known as Siris now.»
  • Worker: «Curious — a fate nearly worse than mine, it seems. Tell me, Siris — who was once my friend Ausar — why is it that you have come to my prison?»
  • Siris: «I’m here to free you. You once set out to destroy the Deathless and free our world. I share the same goal — but I cannot do it alone.»
  • Worker: «Indeed. Time runs short, my friend — but only Raidriar can release me from this place.»
  • Siris: «Raidriar?»
  • Worker: «I believe those he enslaves refer to him as ‘the God King.’ You must defeat him, and bring him here — he must take my place if I am to go free. Until then, my soul is trapped in this place. I cannot step from this tomb; walls of spirit confine me.»
  • Siris: «That is no easy task. I bested him once, but he knows what I am now. I fear I’ll not be able to defeat him a second time.»
  • Worker: «You must have fought through Heaven and Hell to find me. Do this one last thing, and I will help you free this world from the tyrants who possess it.»
  • Siris: «How will I find the God-King?»
  • Worker: «You are his most ancient enemy, Ausar. With the Infinity Blade active, he will do all in his power to destroy you. Simply go to where Raidriar can find you, and he will come.»
  • Siris: «And all I have to do is defeat him but not kill him? Hell take me. Very well.»

Second Encounter

Siris goes into the vault with an unconscious Raidriar
  • Siris: «I defeated Raidriar. <drops Raidriar to the ground> He can take your place in this eternal prison.»
  • Worker: «Excellent! Heh-heh. It looks like he gave you quite a fight. Quickly, my friend. Release me, and together we will re-shape this world!»
Siris stabs the seal with the Infinity Blade and The Worker holds it with Siris. Siris screams in pain while the walls glow in blue light. Siris is thrown away from the blade and The Worker grabs the blade
  • Worker: «Oh, did I forget to mention? For me to leave this prison, another Deathless must take my place. I must thank you, Ausar. Not only have you freed me, but you’ve eliminated many of my rivals for this world. Those who remain will follow me… Or I will take from them what they hold most dear — their eternal life. Unfortunately, for me to escape, «old friend», I’ll have to let you keep your life. You can spend an eternity in this cell. You and Raidriar keep each other company. Its only fair — after all, YOU were the one who imprisoned me here to begin with!»
  • Siris: «No. What have I done?! Nooooooooooooooo!!!»
The Worker leaves the Vault

Пальцем в небо

Противники со способностью к ворожбе — самые опасные. Они способны высасывать силы, даже если попадают по вашему блоку.

Нам искренне жаль, что Infinity Blade довольно быстро и грубо пресекает наши экранные ласки. Беззаветная любовь к игре заканчивается там, где начинаются аппаратные ограничения iPhone. Unreal Engine — штука крайне прожорливая и ресурсоемкая. Сделать на этом движке красивую (а Infinity Blade очень красива) компактную игру для красивого компактного устройство можно, но только… очень компактно. И вместо полноценной RPG нам подсовывают обезжиренный вариант God of War. Помните? «Боги! Я покараю вас!» Всю игру — а это, простите за пикантную подробность, от силы минут двадцать — мы лезем наверх, в тронный зал, чтобы напрыгнуть на главного злодея. Залезаем! Напрыгиваем! И тут выясняется, что этот противник нам не по зубам. Получаем мечом (тем самым Infinity Blade) под ребра. Умираем…

После этого — оцените изящность решения! — игра стартует с самого начала, но… через двадцать лет. И снова мы исполняем роль сына невинно убиенного героя. Снова лезем наверх. Снова сражаемся с монстрами. Снова, чеканя шаг, входим в тронный зал. Cнова нас, как следует отхлестав мечом по упругим ягодицам, убивают. И снова мы в обличье своего сына карабкаемся наверх… В общем, сказка про белого бычка.

Длится она ровно до момента, как мы прокачаемся достаточно, чтобы убить главного злодея. Доспехи и умения, слава богу, после каждой нашей смерти никуда не деваются, а переходят по наследству следующему в роду страдальцу. По сути мы качаем одного и того же персонажа, который сначала исполняет роль прадеда, потом деда, потом отца, потом сына, потом внука, потом правнука… и так далее по генеалогическому древу.

Рогатый страж назван так неспроста. Чтобы обзавестись такими же наростами на шлеме, придется прокачаться уровня до седьмого.

Самое удивительное, что вся эта катавасия с прохождением одного и того же уровня одним и тем же персонажем (а это, в зависимости от вашего таланта, от четырех до пятнадцати прохождений) надоедает далеко не сразу. В одних и тех же местах нас встречают разные противники; по мере того как персонаж прокачивается, враги тоже наращивают мышечную массу; за всю игру вы ни разу не почувствуете себя Брюсом Всемогущим и не сможете выносить врагов одним взмахом пальца клинка.

В тот самый миг, когда весь этот день сурка начинает откровенно бесить, вы как раз набираете достаточно силенок, чтобы проткнуть тушку главгада своим пальцем мечом. После этого, правда, выясняется, что открывшаяся вакансия узурпатора уготована именно вам — Infinity Blade продолжается, новый герой выходит на охоту. Но мы, вот честно, не видим никакого смысла играть дальше. Логическая точка поставлена, крутиться в этой временной петле можно до бесконечности. Но ничего нового, кроме сомнительной возможности заполучить лучший щит, меч, панцирь, колечко и далее по списку, игра вам уже не предложит. Вскорости, правда, нам обещают мультиплеер — и вот это уже действительно отличный повод качаться дальше. Чтобы к старту сетевых боев заполучить в цепкие лапы Кольцо льда и пламени, адамантовые доспехи и Infinity Blade (в смысле — лучший меч, а не саму игру).


Во многих компьютерных играх, особенно в ролевых, равно как и в фэнтези, регулярно используются различные фехтовальные термины. В духе: «он встал ан-гард», «совершил дегаже», «использовал терс», «провел фланконаду». Но мало кто понимает, что же все это означает. Пользуясь случаем, проводим маленький ликбез. Пред вами изображения основных фехтовальных позиций. Смотрите и не говорите, что не видели. Иллюстрация из «Энциклопедiческого словаря» подъ редакцiей профессора И. Е. Андреевскаго, 1890 г.

The Deathless Conquest Edit

Galath and his inner circle became Deathless. He became unstoppable. A new faction quickly rose up, far more powerful than any mortal government. His thirst for power became insatiable. He had the power to rule humanity, and he was going to do just that. The Deathless rained down destruction on the Earth until all that was left was ruin. The remaining humans were enslaved by the Deathless. Galath took upon the title ‘The Worker of Secrets’ and ruled humanity with the help of fellow Deathless, Ausar The Vile. Over the centuries, and eventually the millennia, The Worker and Ausar would periodically end the world to keep humanity as weak as they required.

The Worker once offered Raidriar (The God King) a place in his inner circle, but Raidriar refused the request. He believed that he was destined for greatness, alone, because of his father’s parting words.


  • In Infinity Blade: Redemption, it is revealed that Galath is actually a much more advanced type of Deathless, having abilities such as a lack of blood and regenerating limbs quickly.
  • In Infinity Blade: Redemption, it is revealed that Galath had already lived ten thousand lives before the Deathless were even created. Assuming that Galath was rounding in terms of 80-100 years per life, that would put Galath at being about a million years old.
  • In Infinity Blade: Redemption, Galath sent «machines» that «rained fire» down on the rebellion and Isa. These machines most likely refer to today’s bombers and how they drop explosives upon targets beneath them.
  • In Infinity Blade II, he is shown to have a helmet very similar to that of Thane’s. He also wears a different version of the Helio Plate with the waist having a portion of black cloth.
  • The Worker developed most, if not all, of the technology seen throughout the Infinity Blade series.
  • The Worker and Siris/Ausar are so old that neither are sure who is older.
  • In Infinity Blade: Redemption, it is revealed that the Worker is much more intelligent than his peers could possibly fathom, as he stares on at the Deathless-creating technology while whispering «So primitive…»

The Redeemer Edit

Ausar’s rule was challenged. A rival warlord, The God King, became a threat to Ausar. Ausar, believing he was invincible with the Infinity Blade, came to the Plains of Koroth to make battle. When they fought, however, The God King got the better of Ausar, took the Infinity Blade, and killed Ausar with it. Unbeknownst to Raidriar, the Infinity Blade actually had a mechanism containing the Redeemer within. The Redeemer was a device designed by the Worker that was to be used with the Infinity Blade. Upon activation, it would reincarnate a Deathless into a newborn, with no memories of its past.

So while the world believed that Ausar was gone for good, he had another chance at life.


It is recommended that you face him last because he has the highest level of the Deathless Kings (50 more than Gortoel and 100 more than Kuero), and his attacks are some of the most difficult to dodge, block, or parry.

He is using the Enslaver which is a weapon with very high Bonus Drain Attack of 120 and a lower basic Attack stat of 100. So if you are trying to defeat him, you should carry a shield with immunity to Drain before engaging the Deathless King. Because of this, it is highly recommended that the player defeat both Kuero and Gortoel (in that order since Kuero has a lower level) before fighting Ealoseum as both of the items obtained from defeating both are recommended since they are useful against him (the shield is immune to drain, and the ring has high healing). Several of this bosses’ attacks cannot be dodged and are much faster than expected, so blocking is necessary (if the player isn’t experienced enough at parrying). It is highly recommended that you use the Infinity Blade when fighting him since it is probably the weapon with the best stats for damage overall in your inventory. If you have a weapon of high damage (at least 100 damage and/or 110 extra bonus elemental damage, except for Shock, Dark and Light since he is immune to those elements), it can be useful replacements of the Infinity Blade.

If you do manage a block or dodge break (parrying his attacks is difficult as they don’t come from the direction you expect) you will generally get a 5-hit window. In this time it’s important to attempt an Ultra combo (left, right, up, down, left), because it is the most damage you can do to him in any 5-hit window and you won’t get many other chances to attack. If you practice, parrying may be manageable, as blocking will quickly drain your shield stat.


  • It’s implied that Ealoseum is referring to the Infinity Blade’s ability to kill the Deathless when he says: «He’s found a way, hasn’t he?».
  • The first indication that Siris is a Deathless is in Ealoseum’s dialogue when he says that «it is time for one of us

    It’s possible he recognizes him as Ausar, similar to The Worker in Infinity Blade II.

     to truly die». This also raises questions about the identity of Ealoseum, as his ability to tell Siris is a Deathless just by looking seems unique to him.
  • Ealoseum bears a slight resemblance to Thane, a Deathless in Infinity Blade II due to their armor, helm, color, and enemy type.
  • By relation Ealoseum is also very similar in style to the Worker’s armor, especially with his appearances in the Infinity Blade 3 ClashMobs.
  • Ealoseum will appear in some ClashMob challenges.
  • Ealoseum is the only Deathless King in Multiplayer who is not the final enemy. He can be upgraded to Zero Mech.
  • In Infinity Blade II and Infinity Blade III, Ealoseum has the same sounds as the Marrow Fiend.

Trivia Edit

  • In Infinity Blade: Redemption, Gortoel is revealed to be a bodyguard of Galath, the Worker of Secrets.
  • Gortoel is presumed to be human, and the fact that he is a troll-like creature in the times of Infinity Blade suggests that he may have undergone a similar process to Thane, the Deathless guardian of the Vault of Tears.
  • Gortoel is the only Deathless King who does not speak to Siris.
  • The first indication that Siris is a Deathless is in Ealoseum’s dialogue when he says that «it is time for one of us to truly die».This also raises questions about the identity of Ealoseum, as his ability to tell Siris is a Deathless just by looking seems unique to him.
  • Ealoseum bears a slight resemblance to Thane, who refers to himself as «First blood of the Deathless, high lord of House Ix, and shield of the Great Pact.» due to their armor, helm, color and enemy type.
  • By relation Ealoseum is also very similar in style to the worker’s armor, especially with his appearances in the Infinity Blade 3 ClashMobs.
  • Ealoseum will appear in some ClashMob challenges.
  • Ealoseum is the only Deathless King in Multiplayer who is not the final enemy. He can be upgraded to Zero Mech, who is piloted by Archarin.
  • In Infinity Blade II and Infinity Blade III, Ealoseum has the same sounds as the Marrow Fiend.

Kuero standing

Kuero fighting

Gortoel going forward

Gortoel vs Siris

Gortoel fighting

Ealoseum fighting

Ealoseum dieing

Killing all Deathless in Infinity Blade I (normally finished after killing Ealoseum)

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The Deathless
Primary Ausar • Isa • Raidriar • Worker of Secrets
Secondary Varun • Therin • Oslim • Minnoch • Zuorsara • Ryth • The Collector • Soulless Raidriar • Soulless Ausar The Deathless Kings: Kuero • Gortoel • EaloseumThe Pantheon: Ashimar • Saydhi • Lelindre • Thane • Melek • Terrovax


Go to the hall that leads to both Thane and MX-Goliath. Take the door leading to Thane, and you will reach a small room with two doors. The door on the left leads to the skycages, and requires a large key to unlock. Once inside, you must defeat either the Headsman or the Butcher. After the battle, tap the location on the left to approach the three cells. Note: Thane must have been defeated on a previous Rebirth in the same game for the area to be accessible.

Three skycages can be accessed:

  • The skycage on the left requires Nobel to be opened. Inside is the Petrified Noc, who immediately attacks Siris after released. He is also the only prisoner in the skycages who does not talk to Siris.
  • The skycage in the center requires the Infinity Blade to be opened. Inside is the Iron Hunter, who attacks Siris, thinking he is an accomplice of his captors. When the Iron Hunter is nearly defeated, he yields. Siris can then decide whether to spare or finish him. If you spare the Iron Hunter, he gifts the player with Torren’s Legacy in the next Rebirth. If you don’t spare the Iron Hunter you will get the Hunter Mail.
  • The skycage on the right requires The Widow Shriek to be opened. Inside is Xyloto, who battles Siris. He does not seem to tolerate Siris’ generosity and thinks he is an accomplice of his captors much like Iron Hunter, which is understandable as to why he hates him. Unlike Iron Hunter however, you are not able to spare Xyloto, and have to instead kill him.

Deathless Origin Edit

There once was a time when there were no Deathless. During this time, humans were extraordinarily advanced in their technological pursuits. In fact, they began developing teleportation devices. The scientist in charge of this was Uriel. He was a brilliant man, somewhat antisocial. He had a wife and a son, though he rarely saw them due to his tendency to stay late at the office (his wife didn’t mind, though). Despite working endless hours on the teleportation device, he came to to the conclusion that teleportation would never live up to the high expectations of his CEO, Galath. The statistics and numbers just weren’t adding up. Members of Uriel’s team were being reassigned to a different, top-secret project. After some investigating, Uriel found out that his co-workers were working on a way to harness somebody’s soul (Quantum Identity Pattern), becoming immortal. This was known as the Deathless Program.

On one fateful day, Uriel came home from work early. To his surprise, he saw his wife having an affair with one of his co-workers, Adram. At the sight of Uriel, Adram attempted to flee the scene in his car—but instead ran over Uriel’s son by accident, Jori.

Upon seeing his lifeless son, Uriel murdered Adram in a fit of pure rage. After this, all seemed lost. His wife was a cheater; his son dead. But then Uriel realized there was a way out. The Deathless Project. Uriel brought Jori’s body to Galath, and begged him and his scientists to bring back Jori as a Deathless. This procedure had never been done before, and no living patient would try it. This is why Jori was given the opportunity. He was dead.

Jori became Deathless. Upon his eventual revival, he was greeted with a grief-stricken father who had changed since the tragic events of late. As Jori greeted Uriel, Uriel told his son to take away “their guns and their bombs. They don’t deserve what they’ve been given.” Uriel had adopted an entirely different world view: he believed that humanity no longer deserved power.

Uriel was later arrested for the murder of Adram. His parting words to Jori were “Be a king, son. Be a king.” Jori took this at heart, and he turned it into his new identity: The God King.


Infinity Blade II

The Worker’s Q.I.P. destabilizer lights up, alerting him that the Infinity Blade has been activated.

During Infinity Blade II, Siris learns of the Worker’s location from Saydhi. He then travels to the Vault of Tears to free the Worker in his quest to defeat the Deathless, thinking that the Worker would help him. After managing to activate all three seals of the Tower, Siris proceeds to enter the Vault. Upon approaching the Worker, Siris is attacked by Thane. After Siris beats Thane in combat and disarms him, the Worker proceeds to touch Thane on the back with a QIP destabilizer, causing him to fall and writhe on the ground as his QIP and physical DNA are altered forcefully. The Worker then reveals his great understanding of the QIP and how he destabilized Thane’s QIP. In order for the Worker to leave the Vault, Siris is asked to defeat the God King in battle and bring him to the Vault so that he can replace the Worker in his prison. After Siris returns with an unconscious Raidriar, the Worker and Siris prepare to leave the Vault. However, the Worker decides to use the Infinity Blade to imprison Siris in the Vault. He then reveals his true motivations: to make every Deathless subservient to him by threatening them with the loss of immortality. The Worker also reveals before leaving that Siris (during his life as Ausar), not Raidriar, was responsible for his imprisonment.

Infinity Blade: Redemption

Infinity Blade: Redemption

Siris stabs the Worker.

The Worker, reborn as a toddler.

It is also hinted that he lived long before the actual events of the book, perhaps living to see multiple destructions of the world before its present form. It is stated in the book that Gortoel was one of his personal bodyguards.

Galath, the Worker’s true name

Infinity Blade III

At the beginning of Infinity Blade III, Raidriar escapes the Vault and proceeds to face the Worker. He pits his minions and Ashimar against Raidriar, but Raidriar kills them with the Infinity Blade. When Raidriar defeats Ashimar, it is revealed the the Worker has created duplicates of the Infinity Blade for his most trusted Deathless servants. After Raidriar proceeds to the Worker’s throne, Raidriar mocks the Worker, and they engage in battle. The Worker easily defeats Raidriar in battle and asks that he joins him. Raidriar declines the offer and quickly teleports the Worker’s datapod away. The Worker becomes furious, and immediately impales Raidriar in the chest with an Infinity Blade, killing the God King permanently.

During the finale, Siris manages to defeat the Worker by counter-stabbing him in the chest with the Infinity Blade, the same way Siris «killed» Raidriar in Infinity Blade. The Worker tells Siris that the Blade cannot kill him because it was made by him. Siris proceeds to insert a device called the Redeemer (which alters the QIP of a Deathless so that his memories can be erased, and was used by the Worker to erase Ausar’s memory) into the Infinity Blade, which causes the Worker to disappear in a flash of blue light, leaving the Infinity Blade behind. In the post-credits scene, a child is seen building a sand castle that resembles the Worker’s tower in which the Ark is held. This child is presumed to be the Worker, reborn as a child with his memories erased. After you see the child, you will gain the achievement «Toddler of Secrets», which supports the theory that the child is the reborn Worker.

The Infinity Blade Edit

The Deathless were a power-hungry, manipulative race. Early on, The Worker understood that he could not control them by any regular means of force; the Deathless would simply regenerate as soon as they are slaughtered. The Worker needed a weapon to kill the Deathless: to slay the Unslayable. Having pioneered QIP technology, The Worker understood the science behind how to create immortality. He quickly forged a sword that could destabilize the QIP of any Deathless, granting them a true death. The weapon would be called the Infinity Blade.

The Infinity Blade kept the Deathless in check for some time, but a weapon of such a magnitude, such power, was irresistible for some of the most power-hungry. Ausar the Vile concocted a plan to steal the Infinity Blade from The Worker and trap him in the Vault of Tears, a prison that binds the soul of a Deathless into it for all of time. The only way to escape the Vault of Tears would be for another Deathless taking the Worker’s place.

The plan worked, and Ausar became the new owner of the Infinity Blade. He was the supreme ruler of the Deathless.


To get to him, the player must first have the Infinity Blade in their possession (but not necessarily equipped), then head to the Castle’s Dungeon. In the center of the room, there is a small white pedestal. Activate it with a tap and the player will use the Infinity Blade to unlock three doors. The door furthest to the left is the one that leads to Ealoseum’s chamber.

Upon entering Ealoseum’s chamber, the player is greeted by a small desert having a large dead tree in the middle, and no roof, such that the sky is visible from the player’s perspective. In the entry montage Ealoseum himself performs a vague dialogue. Another conversation is started when the player decides to attack Ealoseum. He puts down his book, and starts to discuss the Infinity Blade. This is one of a few rare occurences where the player’s character speaks in-game.

It is interesting to note that in Infinity Blade Clashmobs, Ealoseum returns several times seeking vengeance. Clashmobs also frequently feature his treasure as Gold Bags, free to collect in the lush plains.

Пальца и яйца в консоль не совать

Эту сцену вы будете наблюдать неоднократно. Главный злодей пронзает очередную ипостась главного героя своим Infinity Blade.

К каждому монстру нужен свой подход. Палачи лупят огромными дубинами, не задумываясь о защите. Их можно задавить в лоб, главное — не забывать уклоняться. Ассасины хитры и изворотливы, больно жалят магическими мечами и ловко прыгают из стороны в сторону: приходится отсиживаться в глухой обороне, совершать скупые точные уколы из-за щита. Механические големы — настоящие ходячие танки, эффективная тактика против них — окружить себя смерчем из коротких ударов, иначе твари прорвутся к нашему мягкому телу и приласкают его своими грубыми стальными ладонями.

Каждый бой вы в буквальном смысле ощущаете кончиками пальцев. Не давите кнопки, чтобы ударить врага мечом, а на самом деле вонзаете в гада лезвие и чувствуете, как оно режет плоть. Это как Wii, только размахивать нужно не руками, а пальцами… Очень яркое, почти интимное ощущение близости с игрой, когда между вами нет глупой прослойки в виде неуклюжего контроллера.

Примитивная система развития… но она заставит вас пошевелить извилинами. Недоразвитый герой — горе в семье!

В промежутках между боями и просмотром неинтерактивного кино нам дают покопаться в сундуках, пособирать золото, пошаманить с характеристиками и инвентарем героя. Стоит поиграть буквально с полчаса, и начинаешь понимать, что ролевая система Infinity Blade, несмотря на всю свою простоту и даже примитивность, отлично сбалансирована. Не хватает золота? Надеваем шлем, увеличивающий шанс выпадения монет из монстра. Нет денег на крепкий щит? Берем магический меч и убиваем врагов еще до того, как они начнут прессовать нас всерьез. Не хватает бутылочек с лечебным зельем? Нанизываем на палец кольцо со специальным колдунством и поправляем здоровье прямо во время боя — одним легким росчерком по экрану.


To get to them, you must have defeated the God King and obtained the Infinity Blade. Once you have it, head to the Dungeon of the castle. In the center of the room, there is a small white pedestal. Activate it with a tap and the player will use the Blade as a key to unlock three doors. Kuero is located in the middle door, the one slightly to the right. Kuero’s chamber contains spikes with rotting corpses hanging on them. On the right is Gortoel’s chamber. Appearing as a large troll-like creature, Gortoel is the only Deathless King who appears to lack intelligence. He also seems to feed on his opponents after he defeats them, as seen by the bones lying around the room. Upon entering Gortoel’s room, he walks towards Siris, reaching over to take a pole with a skeleton tied to it to use as a weapon. The door furthest to the left is the one that leads to Ealoseum’s chamber. Upon entering Ealoseum’s chamber, the player is greeted by a small desert having a large dead tree in the middle, and no roof, such that the sky is visible from the player’s perspective.

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