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Each response is wrapped in a data tag. This means if you have a response, it will always be within the data field. We also include a status code and success flag in the response. For more information and examples go to the data models page.

Responses are either JSON (the default), JSONP, or XML. Response formats are specified by supplying an extension to the API call. For example, if you want to access the gallery information with JSON:

JSONP responses are made by adding the callback parameter via either GET or POST to the request. For example:

and to specify an XML response, the URL is:

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Категории: Загрузка и скачивание

English:Upload Images to Imgur

Español:subir imágenes a Imgur

Português:Fazer o Upload de Imagens no Imgur

Italiano:Caricare un’Immagine su Imgur

Deutsch:Bilder auf Imgur hochladen

Bahasa Indonesia:Mengunggah Gambar ke Imgur


Rate Limits

The Imgur API uses a credit allocation system to ensure fair distribution of capacity. Each application can allow approximately 1,250 uploads per day or approximately 12,500 requests per day. If the daily limit is hit five times in a month, then the app will be blocked for the rest of the month. The remaining credit limit will be shown with each requests response in the X-RateLimit-ClientRemaining HTTP header.

We also limit each user (via their IP Address) for each application, this is to ensure that no single user is able to spam an application. This limit will simply stop the user from requesting more data for an hour. We recommend that each application takes precautions against spamming by implementing rate limiting on their own applications. Each response will also include the remaining credits for each user in the X-RateLimit-UserLimit HTTP header.

Each request contains rate limit information in the HTTP response headers.

HTTP Header Description
X-RateLimit-UserLimit Total credits that can be allocated.
X-RateLimit-UserRemaining Total credits available.
X-RateLimit-UserReset Timestamp (unix epoch) for when the credits will be reset.
X-RateLimit-ClientLimit Total credits that can be allocated for the application in a day.
X-RateLimit-ClientRemaining Total credits remaining for the application in a day.

Unless otherwise noted, an API call deducts 1 credit from your allocation. However, uploads have a significantly higher computational cost on our back-end, and deduct 10 credits per call. All OAuth calls, such as refreshing tokens or authorizing users, do not deduct any credits.

You can also check the current rate limit status on your application by sending a GET request to

Your use of the Imgur API is also limited by the number of POST requests your IP can make across all endpoints. This limit is 1,250 POST requests per hour. is not impacted by this limit. Each POST request will contain the following headers.

HTTP Header Description
X-Post-Rate-Limit-Limit Total POST credits that are allocated.
X-Post-Rate-Limit-Remaining Total POST credits available.
X-Post-Rate-Limit-Reset Time in seconds until your POST ratelimit is reset

Disclaimer of Warranties, Limitations of Remedies, Indemnity

Although of course we strive to make Imgur as dependable as possible, Imgur’s services are provided on an AS IS – WITH ALL FAULTS basis. Your use of our service is entirely at your own risk. We do not guarantee the availability of our service at any given time, or the reliability of our service when it is running. We do not guarantee the integrity of, or the continued availability of, files on our servers. Whether we make backups, and if so, whether restoration of those backups will be available to you, is at our discretion. IMGUR DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS AND IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF FITNESS AND MERCHANTABILITY. NOTWITHSTANDING ANYTHING ELSE STATED IN THESE TERMS, AND IRRESPECTIVE OF WHETHER IMGUR TAKES OR DOES NOT TAKE MEASURES TO REMOVE INAPPROPRIATE OR HARMFUL CONTENT FROM ITS SITE, IMGUR HAS NO DUTY TO MONITOR ANY CONTENT ON ITS SITE. IMGUR DOES NOT ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ACCURACY, APPROPRIATENESS, OR HARMLESSNESS OF ANY CONTENT APPEARING ON IMGUR.COM THAT IS NOT PRODUCED BY IMGUR, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO USER CONTENT, ADVERTISING CONTENT, OR OTHERWISE.



Метод 1 из 2: Мобильное устройство

  1. 1

    Откройте приложение Imgur. Найдите темно-серую иконку с надписью «imgur».

  2. 2

    Нажмите иконку камеры. Она находится по центру в нижней части экрана.

    • Если вы еще не вошли в свою учетную запись Imgur, то сначала нажмите Sign in (войти), после чего введите адрес электронной почты и пароль.
    • На Android сначала потребуется смахнуть экран влево.
  3. 3

    Выберите фото. На этой странице будут показаны фотографии из галереи камеры. Нажмите на фото для выбора.

    • Если потребуется, предоставьте приложению Imgur доступ к галерее и камере устройства.
    • Можно нажать и выбрать сразу несколько фотографий.

  4. 4

    Нажмите Next (Далее). Кнопка находится в правом верхнем углу экрана. В некоторых версиях Android нужно будет поставить галочку.

  5. 5

    Укажите название публикации. Заполните поле «Post Title (required)» (название поста (обязательно)) в верхней части экрана.

  6. 6

    Отредактируйте фото, если необходимо.

    Также можно нажать Add Images (добавить изображения) под фото, чтобы выбрать больше фотографий для публикации.

    Серое поле в нижней части экрана позволяет добавить описание или тэги.

  7. 7

    Нажмите Post (Опубликовать). Чтобы опубликовать, нажмите кнопку в правом верхнем углу экрана.

  8. 8

    При запросе нажмите Upload (Загрузить). Теперь ваше фото загружено на сайт Imgur.

Метод 2 из 2: Настольный компьютер

  1. 1

  2. 2

    Нажмите New post (Новый пост). Зеленая кнопка находится в верхней части домашней страницы на сайте Imgur. Нажмите, чтобы появилось новое окно.

    • Если вы еще не вошли в свою учетную запись Imgur, то сначала нажмите Sign in (войти) в левой верхней части страницы, после чего введите адрес электронной почты и пароль.
    • Нажмите направленную вниз стрелку в правой части кнопки, чтобы вызвать раскрывающееся меню и увидеть другие опции (например, пункт Make a Meme позволяет создавать мемы).
  3. 3

    Нажмите Browse (Выбрать). Кнопка находится в средней части окна загрузки.

  4. 4

    Выберите изображение на компьютере. Если нужно выбрать несколько изображений, то сначала зажмите кнопку ⌘ Command (Mac) или Ctrl (ПК), а затем выберите желаемые изображения.

    • Также можно перетащить одно или несколько изображений в окно Imgur для загрузки.
    • Если у вас есть URL-адрес изображения, то вставьте его в поле «Paste Image or URL».
  5. 5

    Нажмите Open (Открыть).

    Если вы перетащили фото в окно Imgur, то пропустите этот шаг.

    Эта кнопка позволяет загрузить фотографии на сайт Imgur.

  6. 6

    Добавьте название фото. Введите текст в поле над фотографией.

  7. 7

    Отредактируйте фото, если необходимо.

    Нажмите кнопку Add another image под изображением, чтобы выбрать другие изображения.

    Серое поле под фото позволяет добавить описание и тэг или отметить пользователя (укажите «@» перед именем пользователя).

  8. 8

    Нажмите Share to community (поделиться с сообществом). Зеленая кнопка находится в правой стороне страницы. Нажмите кнопку, чтобы опубликовать свои изображения на сайте Imgur.


  • Обязательно оставляйте ссылку на автора, если загружаете не свои фотографии.
  • Можно изменять настройки конфиденциальности изображений при помощи вкладки Public (фото, доступное всем) над фото (мобильное устройство) или кнопки Post privacy (опубликовать конфиденциально) справа от публикации (настольный ПК).


If you see anything on our site that you believe infringes your copyright rights, you may notify our Digital Millennium Copyright Act («DMCA») agent by sending the following information:

  • Identification of the copyrighted work or works claimed to have been infringed. IMPORTANT: please include your copyright registration number. If your work is not yet registered, please include a copy of the application to register the work that you filed with the Copyright Office. A copyright infringement claim based on a U.S. work can only be filed if the work has been registered ( Registration currently takes about seven months.
  • Identification of the material on our servers that is claimed to be infringing and that is to be removed, including the URL or other information to enable us to locate the material.
  • A statement that you have a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by you as copyright owner, or by your agent, or by law.
  • A statement that the information in your notice is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that you are the owner (or authorized to act on behalf of the owner) of the exclusive copyright right that is allegedly being infringed.
  • Your physical or electronic signature, or of someone authorized to act on your behalf.
  • Instructions on how we may contact you: preferably email, but also address and phone.

Because a high percentage of DMCA takedown notices are not valid, Imgur reserves the right to ignore DMCA notifications based on unregistered works.

Our agent to receive such notifications of claimed infringement is Alan Schaaf.

Mailing Address:

Imgur Inc. 600 California Street, 11th floor San Francisco, CA 94108


The API requires each client to use OAuth 2 authentication. This means you’ll have to register your application, and generate an access_code if you’d like to log in as a user.

For public read-only and anonymous resources, such as getting image info, looking up user comments, etc. all you need to do is send an authorization header with your client_id in your requests. This also works if you’d like to upload images anonymously (without the image being tied to an account), or if you’d like to create an anonymous album. This lets us know which application is accessing the API.

Authorization: Client-ID YOUR_CLIENT_ID


By downloading an image or copying other user-generated content (UGC) from Imgur, you agree that you do not claim any rights to it. The following conditions apply:

  • You may use UGC for personal, non-commercial purposes.
  • You may use UGC for anything that qualifies as fair use under copyright law, for example journalism (news, comment, criticism, etc.), but please include an attribute («Imgur» or «courtesy of Imgur») next to where it is displayed.
  • You may not use UGC for non-journalistic commercial purposes.
  • Your use of UGC is at your own risk. IMGUR MAKES NO WARRANTIES OF NON-INFRINGEMENT, and you will indemnify and hold Imgur harmless from any copyright infringement claims arising out of your use of the UGC. (See our general disclaimers below.)

You may not copy or use any portions of our site that are not UGC except within the limits of fair use.

Information we collect and the purposes for which we use it

Automatically collected information

Our servers automatically collect the following information regarding devices that access our site or app: device characteristics (including device ID for mobile devices), operating system, browser type, IP address, username from stored cookies if present, dates and times of each login, page and image viewing statistics, and incoming and outgoing links. We also log the metadata associated with any uploaded images. We use this automatically collected anonymous data to analyze how our site and app are used so as to keep them optimized, to determine the popularity and usefulness of various features, to maintain the integrity of user accounts so that each user can see his or her posts and the upvotes, downvotes, and comments to them, and to enable users with usernames to access their posts, albums, and membership information. We also use such data to enable us to comply with copyright law, with 18 USC §2258A (illegal content), and to respond to lawful requests by public authorities, including national security, courts, and law enforcement.

None of this information is “personal data” – that is, data we could use to identify a specific person. Some of this information could, however, become personal data because we provide automatically collected anonymous data to third party advertisers to supplement the tracking information described below, and those third parties might be able to combine our anonymous data with other data they have to enable them to identify people.

Interactively collected information

In addition to the automatically collected anonymous data described above, we may place information on your device and then retrieve it later: we may use cookies, web beacons, or other anonymous tracking information to improve our server’s interaction with your device. We also partner with third party advertisers who may (themselves or through their partners) place and/or recognize cookies on your device that collect data about which pages and ads are viewed while our app or site is being used. Advertiser cookies enable customized ads that are selected for display on your device based on the anonymous information collected. No personal data is on, connected to, or derivable from, these cookies. If you block or disable cookies and other tracking technologies, instead of getting customized ads you will see non-customized (generic) ads. Although our servers currently don’t respond to «do-not-track» requests, you can block tracking in other ways. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies for interest based advertising, please visit or see the section below, “Accessing, correcting, and limiting use of your data”.

Imgur participates in the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising. For more information please visit

Information you choose to give us

When you sign in with a username, we handle it in the same way as an automatically collected username except that if you don’t allow cookies, you have to enter your username each time you log in. A username is, by nature, publicly posted information. On occasion we may run a contest or other type of promotion, and to enable us to award prizes to the winners as well as to comply with the applicable laws, we collect real names and contact information – so if you win a contest, we’ll ask for that information and we’ll use it only for those two specific purposes.

Why do I have to verify my phone number?

To keep everything fun, we’ve come up with a new way to send miscreants north of the wall! And without collecting any personal information from you.

To set up an account, you give us your cell phone number and we’ll text you a confirmation code to verify that it’s your number. But we won’t save your number, share it, sell it, or even show it to anyone. Instead, we’ll one-way encrypt it into a hash and save only the hash. Since a hash can’t be decrypted, we can’t get your phone number from it. Then, if you get banned for breaking the rules, we’ll ban your hash too – and you won’t be able to set up another account with the same phone number, since it would generate the same hash. Clever, huh?

Post / Image Privacy

Uploading a New Post creates a “post” (also called “album”) that can be shared to the community. The individual images inside the post are referred to as “images.”

Although nothing you post to Imgur is completely hidden from public view or entirely private, with that understanding you can set the privacy level of posts.

  • Hidden: Posts will be hidden by default. They are not searchable within Imgur, and will not appear in Imgur’s public gallery or public profile, but each one will still be accessible by going to the post’s URL. They cannot receive comments or earn points.
  • Public: Posts will be publicly viewable and shared with the community. Public posts shared with the community will allow comments, sharing, and voting, and appear in a user’s profile.

“Favorite Folders” Privacy

You can add favorited posts to folders that you create. Individual public posts that you favorite are always visible from the “All Favorites” page in your user profile and cannot be hidden, even those within folders. Favorited hidden posts will not appear publicly in your favorites. These settings for favorites cannot be changed, but the visibility of folders can be toggled to public or private.


«Imgur» or «we» refers to Imgur, Inc., a Delaware corporation, and its successors and assigns. «You» refers to any person who has consented to these terms or has become contractually bound to them, whether such person is identified or not at the time. These terms are governed by California law, excluding its conflicts of law principles, and if there is a lawsuit between you and Imgur, jurisdiction and venue will lie exclusively in the State where the defendant is located, if within the United States, or in Santa Clara County, California otherwise. If any part of these terms is invalid, the remaining provisions will be unaffected. These Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement among the parties relating to this subject matter, and they will continue to govern any issues that arise out of your use of Imgur’s services even after you discontinue using them. We may revise these terms from time to time without notice. Whenever we do so, we will so indicate by changing the version date at the top. Any changes apply as of the time they are posted. Imgur is not meant for use by children under age 13; if your child is younger than 13 please allow him or her to use it only under your supervision.

Parental control protections (such as computer hardware, software, or filtering services) are commercially available that may assist you in limiting access to material that is harmful to minors. See e.g.

Intellectual Property

By uploading a file or other content or by making a comment, you represent and warrant to us that (1) doing so does not violate or infringe anyone else’s rights; and (2) you created the file or other content you are uploading, or otherwise have sufficient intellectual property rights to upload the material consistent with these terms. With regard to any file or content you upload to the public portions of our site, you grant Imgur a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable worldwide license (with sublicense and assignment rights) to use, to display online and in any present or future media, to create derivative works of, to allow downloads of, and/or distribute any such file or content. To the extent that you delete any such file or content from the public portions of our site, the license you grant to Imgur pursuant to the preceding sentence will automatically terminate, but will not be revoked with respect to any file or content Imgur has already copied and sublicensed or designated for sublicense. Also, of course, anything you post to a public portion of our site may be used by the public pursuant to the following paragraph even after you delete it.

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