Garageband for windows (7, 8.1 & 10) download

How to Download GarageBand for PC?

Download Garageband for Windows 10

Using GarageBand takes time for a new user to master, but if you are someone trying to master it, then practice makes a man better.

Step #1: There is an iOS emulator called “iPadian,” which is the ultimate solution for installing & trying iOS apps. You can download iPaidian from here, and the software does come at a price.

Step #2: The iOS emulator “iPaidian” does not require instructions, so the installation guide not required in this case.

Step #3: The iPadian pre-installs applications market within the application, and launch the app store now.

Step #4: There is a search bar available in the application, and type “GarageBand” then hit enter.

Step #5: Click on “INSTALL” quickly store the application in the iOS emulator.

In a few moments, the GarageBand for Windows 10 comes into reality. You can start using the GarageBand application without complications.

Garageband for PC Bottom Line

The iOS emulators developers are not fair with the freebies, and everyone is marketing to make money off it. There is another complicated method of installing Mac OS X on a computer, then install GarageBand online in a few clicks. You can find hundreds of YouTube videos, but keep in mind that it takes plenty of hardware resources.

Sony ACID Pro

The legendary application that started loop-based music creation, ACID Pro 7 is a DAW powerhouse that combines full multitrack recording and mixing, MIDI sequencing, and looping functionality for a seamless studio production environment. More creative partner than production tool, ACID Pro 7 software inspires like nothing else. With its Transparent Technology design, ACID Pro 7 software removes typical barriers to the creative workflow so you can effortlessly transform ideas into real results.

ACID Pro features including real-time pitch/tempo transposition during playback and preview, unlimited tracks, and our signature pick/paint/play interface. ACID Pro 7 software also includes more than 3,000 Sony Sound Series loops and 90 virtual instruments so you can start creating music right out of the box. It is available with a free trial of 30 days to test & evaluate the product. After that, if you want to use ACID Pro, you need to buy its license.


Complex production software that works particularly well with live instrumentation.

There are plenty of apps and programs out there that attempt to make music creation approachable for anyone. But the highest levels of production require complex software. Reaper is a package that gives the expert user a lot of options. Though, it won’t hold your hand through the process. A certain level of knowledge is assumed when you open up the program.

The advantage that Reaper has over the big names in the field of digital audio workstations is its price. Whereas competitors like Cubase, Ableton and Pro Tools typically cost hundreds of dollars, the basic license for Reaper is just $60 for personal use.

While Reaper has an impressive library of VST effects, they require a high level of skill to use. Reaper is also lacking in VST instruments that work “straight out of the box”. Use of external VSTs gets around this problem, but if you already have this knowledge you likely aren’t looking for some simple GarageBand fun How to Use GarageBand: A Step-By-Step Guide GarageBand is a powerful audio recording and editing software for Mac, but getting started is tough. This tutorial will show you how to use GarageBand. Read More anyway!

This is professional-grade equipment for musicians looking to get real work done, and it does an excellent job if you’re willing to learn the ropes.

Download: Reaper ($60 with free trial)

GarageBand for Windows PC Download

If you would like to make professional songs, then you want to include voiceover also. So sometimes you may have recorded your voice with song lyrics and stored it on your Mac desktop.

If you’re finished creating the beats and music, then you will need to import the voiceover among the tracks.

You can easily download and use Garageband app on your Windows machine. We will share a complete tutorial with virtual box. You can use any apple app on your Windows PC.

How To Install Garageband For PC, Windows 10/8/7 Vista, XP, and Laptop:

We all know how much worth has Garageband, But it’s only available for Apple users. Unfortunately, there is no official version of GarageBand that is Available for PC, Windows, and Laptop.

But you can still have downloaded and install Garageband for PC, Windows by following instructions below:

  • At very first you need to download iOS Emulator For PC and Windows.
  • iPadian is one of the best, and we used it and suggested it to our readers.
  • Download iPadian from here, they charge $20 for download but it worth it.
  • Now open the downloaded iPadian.exe file and run the setup.
  • It will ask your Apple id, so log in with it.
  • After a successful install of iPadian on Windows/PC, go to Start>Program Files and locate the iPadian Emulator.
  • Open iPadian Emulator, on the main screen you will see some installed apps.
  • Locate the App Store app and open it.
  • Now write in the search bar “ Garageband” and hit the enter button.
  • Garageband will appear in App Store now click on install the app button.
  • GarageBand for PC is ready, just go back to the main screen in iPadian and locate your app.
  • Now you can create music with GarageBand for windows, Enjoy your time.

GarageBand Alternatives

GarageBand for Windows has been revolutionizing the music with its innovative ideas. The GarageBand app is related to the instrument and music app. It allows users to create awesome music. GarageBand is one of the best apps from Apple, that available for free of cost. If you are in the Music field then this is the must-have app for you. But if you are using Windows then try these apps like GarageBand.

Best Apps like Garageband

There are several alternatives and apps like GarageBand. These are just as good as GarageBand and you can use these all on different operating systems.


LMMS is a free and also open-source software that comes with built-in instruments like GarageBand. LMMS is developed by a volunteer development team. It might not be famous as GarageBand but it contains all the features and that is also for free.

2. FL Studio

FL Studio is another popular music creation tool just like Garageband for Windows. It has all the features of Garageband. The interface is the same as LMMS and also it is user-friendly. The only drawback is, it isn’t free. You need to pay € 89.

3. Mixcraft 7

Using Mixcraft 7, users can easily create songs with layering loops of various instruments. Mixcraft offers all the features of GarageBand. Simply click on songs and drag the loops and wait for some time. Mixcraft makes it easy with its advanced effects and plugins to create awesome music.

4. Reaper

Reaper is cheaper than FL Studio but you have to pay for it. It is not free. But it comes with a highly-customizable user-interface and you can easily create and edit music on your Windows and Mac machines. It comes with 300 free plugins to create music.

5. Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam is the best app to play with music. The app is available for Windows devices and you can download this app from Windows App Store and Android app store. It is very easy to create music.

Are there any good GarageBand for PC Alternatives?

If not GarageBand then what? For those who don’t want to go through the long and tedious process of downloading large alternative platforms for downloading the music composing app, or those who have already used it and now wish to try out other DAWs, here’s out top picks for GarageBand alternatives:


Compatible with : Windows

Used extensively by professionals, Mixraft’s latest upgrade Mixcraft 8 has successfully fixed any bugs that the previous versions had. Boasting of a new and improved user interface and sound library, with a range of plans Mixcraft offers an incredible next-gen sound engine, Side-chaining and the innovative new sound control feature. You can also easily import and export MP4 videos directly from your phone or camera. Additionally the performance panel can now live record to grid locations.


Compatible with : Android, iOS, Windows

Free across all platforms, Music Maker Jam has an incredibly user-friendly interface that not only allows you to make new melodies but also to share your work and discovers others’ works across genres. Even though used extensively by beginners and novice music producers, you can upgrade to premium to unlock an ever greater variety of instruments and sounds, for more professional use.


Compatible with: Android, Windows, Mac

Next is our list of Garageband for Windows alternatives we have STAGELIGHT. Offering a free trial before you buy a plan, which is relatively pretty cheap, Stagelight is easy and fast. Whether it’s starting with beat loops as a beginner or going on to create original songs with vocal tracks, Stagelight has found a user base in all producers with varying skill levels. Like GarageBand, Stagelight also offers in-app and online lessons with notes, assignments, overview etc. Or you can also become a teacher and upload your own curriculum. Additionally, it provides cloud access, a loop-builder, timeline, mixer, track freezer, and easy saving, exporting and sharing.

4. FL Studio

Compatible with: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

FL Studio provides four editions i.e. Fruity Edition, Producer Edition, Signature Bundle and, All plugins bundled with different features for you to choose your best fit from, so you only pay for what you use. As old as GarageBand, FL Studio sports features almost similar to GarageBand but provides a user interface that is even friendlier than GarageBand and is more accessible. You can also use the trial version before buying, which is equivalent to the All plugins bundle, and allows you to save your projects too, but you’ll have to purchase the version if you want to re-open saved projects.

5. Reaper

Compatible with: Windows, Mac

Not exactly free, Reaper is still much more affordable than a majority of digital audio workstations out there. Even though it doesn’t have a built-in sound Library, it is compatible with a range of file types. It offers a full multi-track audio and MIDI recording, along with mixing, processing, editing, etc. Additionally it also provides an open-sourced compatibility with plugin formats. It also offers a 60 day free trial for those who like to try out before buying.

Mixcraft 8 Home

Loop-based software that’s a great first step for budding music producers.

One of GarageBand’s most popular features is its large and diverse library of loops. Users can quickly and easily build a song that sounds good, simply by layering loops of different instruments over one another in a way that sounds pleasing to them. It might be something of a shortcut, but it’s a great way for the uninitiated to dip their toe in the waters of digital music production.

Mixcraft offers a comparable broad selection of loops in an intuitive environment that makes it easy to get up to speed quickly. On top of this, live recording is also possible making this a real direct competitor to GarageBand.


The caveat is that the home edition is limited to just 16 tracks and a reduced set of instruments and samples. Mixcraft 8 Home is perfect for musicians just starting out, though the reduced feature set might be something you outgrow in time.

Download: Mixcraft 8 Home ($40)

Используйте GarageBand в Windows

Единственный законный способ использования GarageBand в Windows — это создание виртуальной машины Mac. Я запускаю MacOS Sierra в VirtualBox, и он работает безупречно. Если на вашем ПК с Windows есть ресурсы для запуска версии виртуальной машины, то я знаю, что это единственный способ запустить GarageBand на компьютере с Windows.

Я расскажу вам о создании виртуальной машины Mac, а затем загрузите на нее GarageBand.

Вам понадобится копия MacOS Sierra и копия VirtualBox, чтобы сделать эту работу. Связанная копия MacOS Sierra хранится на Google Диске и была создана TechReviews. Это безопасно, и я использовал его несколько раз в прошлом.

  1. Загрузите и установите VirtualBox на свой компьютер. Установите VirtualBox и установите его на диск с большим количеством свободного места на жестком диске.
  2. Загрузите копию MacOS Sierra на свой компьютер и распакуйте ее содержимое.
  3. Откройте VirtualBox и выберите New, чтобы создать виртуальную машину.
  4. Дайте ему осмысленное имя.
  5. Установите гостевую ОС как Apple Mac OS X, а версию — Mac OS X 10.11 или 10.12.
  6. Выделите столько памяти, сколько сможете, и выберите «Создать виртуальный диск сейчас».
  7. Выберите Создать.
  8. Выберите новый виртуальный диск и выберите Настройки.
  9. Извлеките жесткий диск и выберите «Использовать существующий виртуальный диск».
  10. Перейдите к загрузке Sierra и выберите файл Sierra.vmdk.
  11. Перейдите в Документы \ Виртуальные машины в проводнике Windows и щелкните правой кнопкой мыши файл VMX.
  12. Вставьте ‘smc.version =« 0 »‘ в конец файла и сохраните его.
  13. Выберите вкладку «Система» в настройках и убедитесь, что дискета не проверена.
  14. Выберите вкладку «Ускорение» в системе и установите флажок рядом с Intel VT-x.
  15. Нажмите OK, чтобы выйти из меню «Настройки», и нажмите зеленую стрелку «Пуск» для загрузки ВМ

Загрузка может занять некоторое время в зависимости от скорости вашего компьютера; Вы просите это сделать много прямо сейчас. Будьте терпеливы и выпейте кофе или что-то еще, если это занимает много времени. Образ Sierra хорош, и я построил несколько из них, поэтому он работает и не должен быть причиной каких-либо проблем, которые могут возникнуть. В какой-то момент вы увидите экран установки Apple, где вам нужно будет установить часовой пояс, настроить учетную запись и пароль, а также настроить компоненты. Это все нормально.

Если вы видите ошибки при загрузке виртуальной машины или любой виртуальной машины, проверьте BIOS, чтобы убедиться, что Intel VT-x включен. Это важная функция виртуализации, необходимая для работы виртуальных машин. Если вы видите логотип загрузки Apple и виртуальная машина продолжает сбрасываться, вернитесь в настройки VirtualBox и измените версию на вкладке «Общие» на более новую или более старую версию «Гость» и повторите попытку.

Так что теперь у вас должна быть рабочая копия MacOS Sierra, работающая на виртуальной машине в Windows. Теперь есть еще несколько вещей, которые нужно сделать, прежде чем мы запустим GarageBand.

  1. Откройте Терминал в вашей Apple VM
  2. Введите ‘./vmware-resolutionSet 1920 1080’, чтобы установить используемое разрешение.

Теперь ваш рабочий стол Apple должен быть гораздо более удобным. Теперь вы можете приобрести и скачать копию GarageBand в App Store.

  1. Откройте виртуальную машину MacOS Sierra и выберите значок Apple в левом верхнем углу.
  2. Выберите App Store и выполните любые обновления системы, перечисленные там.
  3. Найдите GarageBand и выберите «Получить». Дайте ему скачать и установить на свой компьютер.

Вам понадобится Apple ID, чтобы иметь возможность загрузить его из App Store. Вам не нужно иметь законное устройство Apple, чтобы получить Apple ID. Выберите «Создать Apple ID» и выполните действия, затем войдите в систему, используя этот Apple ID, и выберите «Установить приложение». Теперь GarageBand загрузится и установится на вашу виртуальную машину Apple, и вы сможете сразу начать использовать ее.

MacOS Sierra Boot:

  • Re-launch VMware workstation 10.
  • Now, click on the ‘Play Virtual machine’ option. You will see the apple logo as the OS is loaded. It might take a little while but it will be done in 5-10 minutes max, give it time for the first boot.

On the Welcome screen, you’ll be required to put in your country and your keyboard preferences.

Now for the keyboard preferences

For now: “Don’t transfer any Information”

Enable location for better productivity of the apps.

Sign IN/Create your Apple ID: If you face any trouble, just go online and create an Apple ID on Apple’s official website, it’s not a difficult process or for a step-by-step process click>> here.

Agree to the terms and conditions.

Choose the second and move on.

Select your time zone, which is important.

The macOS will start setting up, and it usually takes one or ten minutes to complete.

You are now looking at the desktop which is actually a working MacOS Home Screen, congratulations!

Please go ahead with using the app and creating some kickass music. Also, please tag us or mail us your creation, we would love to write or publish them sending you the credits. After-all, all this research is just for the one song you make which rules the charts.

About Garageband for PC App

GarageBand is an exclusive app and Apple never promotes it because honestly, it doesn’t need it. Its refined, apple keeps on improving the app and quality speaks for itself in such case. For me, windows were not that useful until the top, trustable emulators came into existence and made the games and iOS exclusive apps available for us.

GarageBand became a huge success among music enthusiasts because of simple reasons: It is way more user-accessible in its interface, apple knows how to make an app advanced and still keep it easy enough to make it understandable for every circle of audience. In this app, you can compose, mix and tune high-quality music and use it for your videos, music, theme or even youtube intros, whatever you need. When you start using it, it may become a little difficult for you to understand the UI but trust me it is as accessible as it can be and once you get a hang of it after a few sessions, there is No Looking Back!

Recently, when the company came out with improved rendering and smooth video extraction, it became even easier to run the app on Windows PC. 

Why is it exclusive?

We don’t have official GarageBand prototype for Windows PC. Clearly, Apple doesn’t want to contribute to the sales of Windows, I have friends and few fellow musicians buying MacBook Pro, putting that much money just for using this exclusive app. Ofcourse because the app can only work on the products like iPhone to Mac OSX laptops and many people have switched to mac just for this music composing app. 

However, that does not mean you cannot have the app on your Windows-PC, check the guide above and create amazing music!

About VMware Workstation Pro-

Available for free, VMware Workstation Pro is the advanced version compared to the old-basic VMware Workstation. While Workstation Pro license costs around 300$, there are some advantages of having Workstation Pro making it to our recommendation such as, you can running Multiple Virtual Machines at the same time makes the networking much better. You can also share the virtual machine as a server.

VMware being the best organisation in creating virtual machine software and for the same reason is the best means to run GarageBand on PC. If you are looking to run this app on your PC, there can be nothing better than VMware.

So, should you invest in a MacBook or iMac, I say try it, give it few months, run it with your windows PC try composing a few tunes. If it works well for you, you saved yourself some bucks and if it is crashing much go on and buy yourself the apple device to support your passion.

Downloading GarageBand for Windows 10 using iPADIAN

To install an iOS software to your windows device, you’ll have to use an emulator that will emulate a MacOS for your windows. My preferred choice for running apple’s software on my PC is iPadian, I am using going to install it, but if you want you can try other emulators too:

  2. Download the iPADIAN emulator from the above button.
  3. Run the “file_setup”.
  4. Accept permissions, Once the run is complete- the software will be downloaded.
  5. Find it in DOWNLOADS of your browser, install it and launch the app.
  6. Go to the Apple APP Store in iPADIAN.
  7. Search for ‘GARAGEBAND’.
  8. Select the app from the search results and click on the ‘GET’ option. Your download will start now.
  9. Once the download is finished, just LAUNCH the app and you can start composing music.

If you need more help, check this video with visual tutorial to get a better understanding:

GarageBand For Windows & Mac

There is always that lingering wish for PC music enthusiasts to finally get a hold of Apple’s GarageBand to run on PCs. GarageBand possess unique state-of-the-art features and is an exclusive product of Apple for some time now. It’s a total music studio right on your iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, which comes with virtual session drummers, presets for voice, guitar and software instruments! With its in-built simple interface, you can share your sensational hits worldwide. There are lots of useful editing and recording features that comes with this. The pieces you have learned to play, create and record can make you seem like a pro in no time!

The Maestro

Andy app emulator breaks down the barriers between multiple operating systems. What was once enjoyed on a limited device can now be synced to your other gadgets with its one of kind technology. Andy can run your favorite iOS/ Android apps from your desktop and sync to any mobile device you want just by installing the emulator. With your Google account cloud storage, everything is saved and launched simultaneously when you download GarageBand for PC. What’s more, you don’t have to deal with the setbacks of low smartphone/ tablet batteries and limited device storage. The expansive PC memory and power source is your ultimate backup along with the built in cloud storage of Google Drive.

Hauté Music

You can finally make music without spending a dime on the real instruments. Garageband can make it sound very professional, the way it should. The drum tracks sounds like human controlled, you hardly know the difference! The session drummer is a virtual player backed by top recording engineers and the music industry’s real session drummers. So, if your band doesn’t have any drummer, you know what to do next! These virtual drummers follow your instruction whether you ask for an R&B, songwriter, alternative or rock! With its realistic speakers, your microphone and guitar will come with full blasting effects. Andy’s emulating technology lets you run this app to your Win/Mac desktop computer so you can enjoy the full HD optimised graphics and superior sound quality in a clearer presentation. With just a good graphics card for virtualisation, you can already install GarageBand on PC to get a better view of what this app is so good about.

The Suburban

GarageBand comes with built-in guitar and piano lessons you can try out. If you want to take things a little step further, some Multi-Platinum artists can actually teach you to play some of their original recordings. They will even give you some feedback to help you improve your newfound talent! When you download GarageBand for PC, it’s like running your own music studio. You can edit performances at the most minutiae details. With just simple clicks, the rhythm can be polished into perfection. Your sensitive listening ears can further improve your creation with the audio effect plugins! Andy emulator for apps can finally let you download this GarageBand app to any device even if you’re not using the iOS software. It is fully supported with Mac OSX, Windows 7/8 and Android UI for open source environment setting. Andy is equipped with OpenGL Hardware Support, ARM Support and even X86 native apps.

In the Loop

Once you’re done with the recording, there is no better way to share it than with the whole world. GarageBand lets you share it on various social networking sites so your family and friends can hear your masterpiece as well as the world around! Andy App Emulator brings your favourite entertainment and communication apps in one place whether on your desktop or mobile device. With Andy, you can tell your WhatsApp, Viber and SnapChat contacts about your latest GarageBand creations in real-time. That’s just one of the best things when you download GarageBand for Windows. It’s even integrated with Microphone, Camera, Sensors and Multi-Touch support so you can enjoy your favourite apps full features. Wake up from this dream and turn it into reality by following the steps below:

How to run Garage-band on Computer with Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an android emulator which can also be used to run the app. The experience on bluestacks will be a bit different than the more of traditional garageband app on iOS. 

Step 1 :- Download latest version of bluestacks emulator on your windows system.

Step 2 :- Install the bluestacks emulator and open it.

Step 3 :- Go to the search bar and search the app.

Step 4 :- It will appear like any other app and click install.

Step 5 :- After the app has finished installing – click open

Step 6 :- Sit back and enjoy producing your music!

It is quite easy to install  app via bluestacks emulator. Let’s move on to a much easier way to download and install the app.

Features of Garageband for PC:

  • Using Garageband for PC you can create your own music tracks with pro editing. Read also about free mp3 music download apps.
  • Using Garageband you can trigger loops to create sound effect like DJ beats.
  • Using Garageband for PC you can also create instrumental music track such as electric guitar, harmonica, upright bass, electric bass, drum kit, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B and many more.
  • You can also add third party instrument effects into Garageband for PC customizable options.
  • Using Multi touch feature you can play more than one music instrument at a real time. You can mix up to 32 tracks to create your main music track. Download movies using torentz.
  • You can add drum beats to your main track separately in Garageband for PC.
  • You can separately play any instrument using Garageband for PC.

This were just outstanding features of Garageband for PC. Now lets move to our main topic of How to download Garageband Windows PC?

How to finish with the INSTALLATION?

If you are determined to use GarageBand on your PC, there are several workarounds to try. While the functionality and effectiveness of these are not guaranteed, most of these methods are safe. So, go ahead and give them a try. See if it will work for you.

References, Sources and Links

List of Softwares needed to download GarageBand for PC using the VMWare method can be download from links given in the article.

You’ll need following softwares to install GarageBand on a windows PC.

Free VMware Player, WinRar Extractor, MacOS Sierra or any (VMWare DiskImage), VMware Unlocker, VMware Workstation Free Trial (for setup)


Open-source production software with a bevy of built-in samples and instruments.

The LMMS project is the work of a volunteer development team committed to making an open-source, cross-platform music production suite. It is a flexible and powerful tool that will get you up and running in no time at all. All at the bargain price of free.

LMMS sports a good variety of software instruments. Samples and effects are pre-loaded, which allows you to get up and running straight away. The interface could be clearer. Even then, it’s easy to use the instruments and make beats by experimenting.

Synthesizers are played via musical typing, mapping the computer keyboard to notes on the instrument. Drum sequencing is made easy with a visual mapping tool. While live recording isn’t possible, LMMS comes loaded with an impressive array of samples. External samples are also supported. So if you are using your phone to make recordings 5 Feature-Rich iPhone Voice Recorder Apps These iPhone voice recorder apps provide much more functionality than the built-in Voice Memos. Try one of them for better syncing, editing, and more. Read More , you can import them into LMMS and use them.

Building tracks piece by piece is where LMMS shines, and Fruityloops/FL Studio users will find it very familiar. LMMS has an online forum with an active community and a yearly “Best of LMMS” competition!


Download: LMMS for | | (Free)

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